FOR SALE - Prime Forest Land in the Amazon Region of Brazil

1907 acres for sale in the Amazon regionFor Sale: 1907 acres /766 hectares  of prime forest land adjacent to the Tapojos National Forest in the Amazon region of Brazil. Regretfully, due to current economic conditions, this land must be sold. However, it is imperative that the land be purchased by an environmentally conscious individual or organization dedicated to its preservation. This is one of the few remaining large, intact pieces of unspoiled land bordering the Tapajos National Forest. There is a concentration of rare plant and wildlife, several miles of the Rio San Benidito river and several million board feet of prime timber in species such as ipe, jatoba, cumaru, angelim pedra, lacewood, goncalo alves and so on. The land is right on the Cuiaba highway, which is the only main north and south road from the Amazon River to the south of Brazil (Cuiaba), and the road is paved. The land is accessible year round by car and is only one hour from a major airport serviced by international flights. 

Within a mile of this land, NASA and other world environmental organizations have established research stations within the Tapajos Forest, which is one of the largest virgin forests remaining on the planet. Before we purchased this land, it was once destined to become one of the many large-scale farms so common in the region. Farming and cattle ranching mean complete forest removal. In the case of this land, not a single tree would be on it had it not been purchased by our company.  It is our hope that the future owner will possess a strong desire to preserve it for generations to come. 

Possible uses include a private nature preserve, environmental research station, private investment, selective timber harvest or eco-tourism development.

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